Branding/Type/Mograph/Interactive Design/Poster/



Brand identity design for CHU LAND, a Chinese based fashion design practice. The chinese name of the brand means "virgin land". The visual system is inspired by the shape of hills, topographic maps and coordinates.


This is a small interactive project built to let the viewers read slowly. The cursor is designed as a blurred glowing light traversing across a simple and purely dark page. The visitor needs to move the cursor to explore the texts in this dark space. At the same time, there are 2 crawling insects on the page, and they always chase the light. I want to arouse the experience in the long past period when people used candles and torches to slowly and secretly read and understand our world on dark and quiet nights.


"Text Trumbleweed"  is a cyber wasteland . Users are encouraged to leave a message, this message will uoload to the cloud and finally deconstruct to letters and  drop down from the top. The scattered words on the ground will slowly gather into trumbleweeds. Over time, these texts weeds will gradually disintegrate. The website itself become a wasteland of data. The idea build on myI try to build poetic ecosystem, 
(This website is undering construction, there still exists some coding problems. 


Type Design 
Type design for multiple projects, including thumbnails, new year postcards, and posters for exhibitions.


Poster design for multiple lectures and exhibitions.